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The Focus Touch P10 is a large format touch screen that is well-suited for many applications. This full HD display can be operated with 10 fingers simultaneously and provides maximum interaction. Giving presentations, exchanging information and collaborating with others is now easier and much more enjoyable than ever before. Boost your company’s professional image. The P10 can be enhanced with a lockable writeable cabinet or a fold-out wing kit.

Ideal for the office, showrooms and work areas.


The Focus Kiosk is an interactive information terminal with a built in 55 inch led touch display, integrated PC and speakers. This modern and robust monitor is equipped with Wi-Fi and can be used anywhere. The display is easy to operate thanks to precise dual touch technology. Inspire your visitors, inform your co-workers, present your collection and create an additional point of sale. This is all made possible with the Focus Kiosk.

Ideal for retail, events and reception areas.


The Focus Board is an interactive whiteboard for digital presentations. Add notes to a presentation on the board and create more attention for your message with image and sound. Easily project your content from your notebook, smartphone or tablet on the Focus Board. Use the included WizTeach software to simplify training and presentation. For interactive and dynamic incompany training and better results with the Focus Board.

Ideal for lessons, meetings or training.


Introductie Focus Touch P10

De maand juni staat in het teken van de introductie van de nieuwe Focus Touch P10. Vol trots hebben wij deze aan onze Premium Partners gepresenteerd en introduceren wij het topmodel de komende maanden bij verschillende events en beurzen, zoals de IPON in Utrecht, Didacta Messe in Stuttgart, de Rcokoit AV beurs in St. Petersburg, de COV Expo's in België en diverse Bedrijven Contactdagen door geheel Nederland.

De Focus Touch P10 is een innovatief model en beschikt over een 10-vinger touch[...]


At home in any location

The Focus P10 is available in 3 large sizes: 55, 70 and 82 inch and is equipped with a professional Samsung anti-glare LED display. Fast and precize touch operation with IR Pro technology.

Built-in speakers, camera and microphone


Create your own Kiosk

The Focus Kiosk comes standard with a modern aluminium frame. We can also deliver the Kiosk in any other colour of your choice with your name and logo on the glass plate.

Your corporate identity, your interior, your kiosk


Focus on education and training

The Focus Board is a high quality interactive Epson beamer that projects a crystal clear image up to 110 inches on a whiteboard. Simply add notes over the image with a marker or your finger.

Get more out of your lessons

New products


Elektrische lift Focus Touch

Robuuste en stijlvolle elektrische lift voor alle formaten displays. Veilige hoogte-instelling met de afstandsbediening. U kunt deze lift  gebruiken als vaste unit of eenvoudig verplaatsen.

  • Alle formaten displays
  • Aluminium design
  • Tot 182 cm hoogte instelbaar
  • Max. 150 kg draaggewicht
  • Vesa : 810 x 430 mm
  • Incl. wielen met[...]

Focus Gallery



  • Focus Touch P10 op verrijdbaar onderstel, kantelbaar tot tafelmodel.Profiteer van extra voordelen wanneer u Focus P10 inzet als tafelmodel.
  • De Focus Touch staat garant voor hedendaags en interactief onderwijs.De Focus Touch staat garant voor hedendaags en interactief onderwijs.
  • Bedrijfsgegevens presenteren op de Focus Touch P10.Presenteer uw kwartaalcijfers op de Focus Touch P10.
  • De inzet van de Focus Touch P10 in het bedrijfsleven biedt vele voordelen: het komt professioneel over, geeft de mogelijkheid uw presentaties interactief te maken en geeft u direct toegang tot al uw bestanden.De zakelijk inzet van Focus Touch biedt vele voordelen, o.a. bij presentaties en trainingen.
  • Projecteer eenvoudig bestanden direct van uw notebook, smartphone of tablet op de Focus P10.Projecteer eenvoudig bestanden direct van uw notebook, smartphone of tablet op de Focus P10.
  • Focus Touch P10, verkrijgbaar in 55, 70 in 82 inch.Focus Touch P10, verkrijgbaar in 55, 70 in 82 inch.
  • Focus Touch gemonteerd in Focus Cabinet compleet afsluitbare beschermkast met 2 beschrijfbare whiteborden.Focus Cabinet, compleet afsluitbare beschermkast met 2 beschrijfbare whiteborden.
  • The Focus Touch P10 is the ultimate interactive presentation tool. For professional look and feel
  • Make your lessons dynamic and interactive with the Focus Touch P10 with writable sidewings
  • Project your content directly from your notebook, smartphone or tablet on the Focus Touch P10
  • Protect your P10 display in a writable and lockable cabinet. Availible in all display sizes
  • Make an interactive table with the P10. Movable and heigth adjustable. Ideal for co-working


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Trade fairs are an excellent venue to learn about our products. You are also welcome to come into our showroom or the showroom of one of our Premium Partners for a personal demonstration of our products!



– 20.06.2014byAnonymous

We are very satisfied with the Focus products. Modern and versatile touch displays and many additional options with great added value. For example two extra whiteboard wings. This gives you much writing space. Very interesting solution.

– 03.06.2014byAnonymous

Great and fast service!! Very satisfied.

– 23.05.2014byAnonymous

Very stylish design, but not at the expense of performance. This screen has superior accuracy and responsiveness, very powerful speakers and the 10-touch screen is just fantastic for classroom environments and where multiple people are cooperating. We always found that when someone was pointing at a collaborative screen they interfered with the presentation. Now, they have to really touch it, as the touch point is almost on the glass, and if it’s accidental it doesn’t matter, because they are just one of 10 points that can work together. Nice anti-glare glass as well, good visibility from even less than 5 degree angles and excellent from the back of a classroom. The sounds is almost cinema surround and the in-built webcam is very handy for video conferencing.

(DEV) Focus Touch DK



We are very satisfied with the Focus products. Modern and versatile touch displays and many additional options with great added value. For example two extra whiteboard wings. This

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